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    We trust Shopify for our eCommerce projects as it's the most robust and flexible platform available today!

    We take care of every detail to help grow your business online, from design to custom requirements.

Custom App Development
  • Custom App Development

    We build custom applications to fully match your business needs and extend your online store functionalities.

    - Subscriptions management
    - Online booking
    - Shipping and logistics
    - Marketing and sales
    - Cloud and in-house app integrations
    - Mobile

Featured Project

Batch Organics


Our goal was to simplify as much as possible the process of creating a personalized box of products.

Batch Organics approached us to help them launch their new subscription business using Shopify.

We designed a custom theme to properly showcase the products and offer a unique and simple shopping experience.

We also developed a custom appplication to match Batch Organics' specific subscription business rules during checkout, and to give all customers an intuitive interface to manage all aspects of their subscriptions.

This project has won a Shopify Commerce Award for "Best Custom Design with Slate".

Shopify Commerce Awards

Thanks to PARALEL’s excellent forward looking vision, we were able to build a solution for our business that assured the greatest flexibility, stability, and longevity.

Charles Owen
CEO, Batch Organics

The team at PARALEL were able to assimilate our business needs and translate them into a product that not only gives us a clear competitive advantage over our peers but also looks amazing!

Harold Eytan
Head of Marketing, Batch Organics

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Batch Organics Sneak Reel Paper Pasta Evangelists Maverick Snacks

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